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1950s and 1960s photos
A selection of photos taken by students from their time at KTC / KCE
The above are from the mid-sixties era
A short film of the college in 1961
KTC / KCE Reunion

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Assorted pictures from 1963 and 1964 taken in and around college, on teaching practice and on field trips
Two views of Gonerby House in the early to mid 1960s
(Mike Hall)
This photo of Stoke Rochford Hall was taken at some time before1966. Note the absence of buildings along the driveway.
The dining room in the basement
Students on a field trip helping a Gem Coach up the hill
Jolly japes at Buckminster
We now have a large and growing collection of 1970s college to see them all here!
These are the earliest photos we have found of the staff and students at KTC. We believe they were taken in or around the year 1952!
These photos are believed to be from the 1950s. Is that an old Morris van?
Together with the 'dancing on the lawn' picture they remind us of a completely different age.
The lady on the right and below is Dorothy Bancroft, a student in the early 1950s, who also attended the 2018 Reunion.
It was a pleasure to meet you!
The perfect setting for A Midsummer Night's Dream
From a production of Twelfth Night