KTC / KCE Reunion

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Jeff Blincow
Jo Jo
John Cheeseman
Julie Warren & Di Stewart
Mike Holden
Maxine, Wendy, Karen and Sue
Wendy, Maxine and Karen
Simon Scudamore
Pam Walker
Kathryn Turner & Chris Howard
The Last Day
The Last Day photo was taken on the drive because everyone had cleared out their belongings and the college had been locked up. KCE was no more.
Thanks to Nick Redfern for the above photos
Dave Green, Sue, John and Pauline Yardy
Dave Kemp. Tony Gnome, Geoff Perkins, Andy Colledge, Mick Bird
Ewa Kawecka
Ian Donnelly, Jacqui Dawson, Nev Lewis, Ian
John & Pauline Yardy
Kate Donnison & Kate Lockett
Linda Cuffe & Nick Redfern
Lyn Greenhow & Mike Smith
Maxine Ireland & Chris Lander
Nick McNeal (dec), Iain Cameron, Ray Allatt
Nick Redfern, Nick McNeal, Sian Bamkin, Chris Mole
Pam Walker & Andy Colledge
Sally Mandley & Arthur Matthews
Sian Bamkin & Nick Redfern
More Hallowe'en
Sian Bamkin & Simon
Thanks to Jan Palitis for these fab monochrome photos
Dave Toft with an empty glass
Rob Kirk, Soo Howes, Francesca Cesario, Jilly Morecroft, Jacqui Dawson, John Hawkyard
John Hawkyard & Keith Jones
Thanks to Sandra McCarthy for the above photos, which were taken from John Hawkyard's album
Jacqui Dawson &  Jan Nichols

Thanks to Nev Lewis for the above pics; we have one or two names but can anyone help with the rest please?
Jacqui Dawson &  Gordon

Pete Mason, Steve Calvert, Kev Johnson, John Hawkyard &  Gordon

Rosie, Jacqui Dawson, Steve Calvert & Nev Lewis

Chris Rowse & Pam Walker

Field trip to La Roque, Jersey
In the library
Mike Savage
Nick Farthing
Norman Shamroth
Party in Common Room, 1978
Teddy Edward & Linda Cuffe
Thanks to Jan Palitis for more fab monochrome photos
Floss Robertson & Diane Stewart
Hazel Crump, Judy Brown & ?
Football team
Steve Baron
Thanks to Floss Robertson, Hazel Bland and Steve Baron for these pics
Chris Wojtania
Chris Wojtania
Thanks to Jan Palitis for these photos of bands playing at KCE
Above: Muscles
Left: Who are these?
Thanks to Floss Robertson for these pics
Jeff Reynolds and Julia Dawson
TP bus to Stamford
Jane Pope (what was her name at college?)
Rob Kirk
Floss Robertson playing backgammon
Thanks to Ann Sampy (Arch) for these pics
Alison Webb, Ruth Chandler and Ann Arch
Ruth Chandler and Julie Arnold
Jane Birket, Sue Draycott and Edna ?

Thanks once again to Jan Palitis for these photos of Mike Savage taking a dip in the Cringle
Richard Turner's excellent photo of Stoke Rochford Church
Gonerby House garden, the Summer of 76
The pool, during the Summer of 76
Back: Simon Ellis, ?, Pete Mason, Brian Woodhead
Front: Steve Calvert, Geoff Perkins, ?

If you want to attend the 2020 Reunion
Print out the Membership Form and the Booking Form, send your deposit and it's done!
See you there.