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 Site updated 15 August 2017

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Site updated  17 November 2015
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The 2018 Reunion, to be held over the weekend of 29 June - 1 July 2018, marks 70 years since the college opened and 40 years since it closed. This Reunion will be a memorable event, so please BOOK EARLY to secure your room.

Exams were part of student life until continuous assessment became the fashion, in the later years of the college. We have obtained some exam papers from the early 1960s for you to take a look at.

We don't have the answers or mark schemes for any of the papers, unfortunately. Perhaps someone out there could help with this?

The first paper is from Summer 1960 and is on Secondary Mathematics.

Next is from March 1963 and is on Philosophy and Psychology of Education ....

....with the rest of the paper here.

Also from the same year, Paper II of the above

....with the rest of the paper here.

And finally, an open ended investigation involving maths and science from the Summer of 1960. In its day, this would have been rather progressive. See it here.